About The Author

I began my early life on a farm in Iowa living with my Grandparents. I learned the meaning of hard work living on a farm, not only because of the agricultural work but because my Grandfather also owned a Plumbing business. We would rise early, milk cows, eat breakfast, and then load the Plumbing truck with the equipment needed for the days work. Arriving home in the later afternoon, those silly cows wanted to be milked again. I am thankful for the work ethic I learned in the country of Iowa. In 1962 I married my high school sweetheart Linda. We were married on Saturday night and I went to work as an apprentice Plumber on Monday morning. No money for honeymoons but we were young, in love and it all seemed good to us. My wife married a Plumber but got a big surprise in 1965 when I surrendered to the call of God to preach His Word while attending a small Baptist church. I received my Bachelor of Theology degree and later received my Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree and God has used me for the past 50 years Pastoring churches in California. I retired from my lifelong ministry in the later part of 2014. Story telling has always been something I enjoy. When my grandchildren were young we would have the grandest times as I would make up stories for them and let them add to them or question me to get more story out of the story. This book has been fun, it is my first, but there may be a few more stories in me before I bid this world good-bye! Hope you enjoy the read!